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  • Reduce your stress and join your team to resolve your dispute
  • Cut though the legal mumbo jumbo to help you understand what’s really going on and what your options are
  • Take back control of the situation
  • Find the right solution to your dispute or problem which matches the commercial realities of life and your business
  • Take a commercial and pragmatic approach to managing all stages of the dispute
  • Utilise our expertise to your advantage

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Disputes happen, not everyone plays nice in the sandpit.  You won’t get much say in this unfortunately, no matter whether you are doing the suing or being sued.  You do however get to decide how to deal with it.  This is the most important decision you will make for the entirety of the dispute.

When a dispute arises, there is a sense of foreboding, an initial reaction of “why is this happening to me”, your stress levels rise, and everyone thinks they are being the reasonable ones. 

You need to take control of the dispute and make some key decisions, the first being choosing the right lawyer for you. You need someone who’s on your team and will work with you to cut through the haze of legal terminology to help you understand what’s really going on and what options are available to you. 

Use our legal skill and expertise to your advantage and help you make the right decisions to minimise your risk, reduce your stress and take control of the situation.

One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make is they fail to identify there’s a problem (or multiple problems) and put off making key decisions, including engaging us early to get on top of the situation.  They ignore the warning signs, fail to take steps to mitigate the problem or make it worse by making poor and uniformed decisions (or sometimes no decision at all). 

When this happens, and it does happen… regularly, what may have been a reasonably simple dispute to resolve turns out to be bigger than Ben Hur (does this reference still play? Perhaps bigger than Rose not letting Jack on the door when they were floating the ocean!! There was room damnit!!).  Don’t leave yourself floating in the ocean of risk without a door or life boat to ride it out in.

We are ready to join your team!  Our boots are laced, we’ve pre-cut the oranges and we’re just waiting for the call up.

Let us help you take a commercial and pragmatic approach to managing all stages of the dispute to find the right solution for you which matches the commercial realities of life, your values and what you want to achieve for you or your business.

What are you waiting for? Make the first in a series of excellent decisions today and get in touch!

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whether prior to litigation or during proceedings, we can help you with a wide variety of other methods to assist you to resolve your dispute:
  • Mediation
  • Formal and informal settlement conferences
  • Negotiation
  • Conciliation & Arbitration, Early Neutral Evaluations
  • Expert determinations


We are able to assist you with matters in:
  • All Federal Courts & Tribunals
  • All Queensland Courts & Tribunals
  • All other State Courts & Tribunals across Australia

Technical Services List

  • Commercial and Business disputes & litigation
  • Complex commercial disputes & litigation
  • Commercial Property and Leasing disputes
  • Residential Property and Body Corporate disputes
  • Property Development and Joint Venture disputes;
  • Consumer Disputes and Consumer Complaints
  • Contract disputes & litigation
  • Corporations matters
  • Director Shareholder and Partnership disputes & litigation
  • Professional Negligence Claims & litigation
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission and other regulatory litigation
  • Regulatory Complaints and disputes & litigation
  • Investigations by statutory authorities and commissions of enquiry
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Technology disputes & litigation
  • Energy and Resources disputes & litigation
  • Competition and Consumer Law disputes & litigation
  • Aviation disputes & litigation
  • Trust disputes & litigation
  • Banking and Finance disputes & litigation
  • Insurance disputes & litigation
  • Security disputes & litigation
  • Franchise disputes & litigation
  • Fraud disputes & litigation
  • Crisis Management and Litigation Support
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Debt management and debt recovery
  • Defamation and Reputation Management
  • Conveyancing Connection (QLD) Pty Ltd
    As a trusted advisor, it is important for us to know that, when we need to refer a client to another practitioner, they will be treated with respect and their matter will be handled to the same standards we employ and won’t fall through the cracks. Dugald Hamilton and the team at 23LEGAL always look after our clients to a standard that is above and beyond what is required and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.
    Conveyancing Connection (QLD) Pty Ltd
  • Jamie Brauer
    I have used the services of Dugald Hamilton and 23LEGAL several times now. Dugald has always delivered result that exceed my expectations in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. I feel safe and secure knowing I have him in my corner if needed.
    Jamie Brauer
  • Melissa Scott
    Dugald and the team at 23LEGAL have provided consistently high levels of legal advice and assistance on a range of matters for Megaport Ltd, an ASX-200 listed company in the technology sector. I appreciate the commercial aspects of Dugald's advice and the practical nature of his recommendations. As an example, he will often give insights on the chances of success and weighed up against the likely costs, may advise on the real costs vs benefits of pursuing certain options. This in invaluable for my internal decision making and justifying certain spends. 23LEGAL is certainly doing law differently.
    Melissa Scott
    Senior Legal Counsel, Megaport Ltd.

Disputes come in all shapes and forms.

Some are simple (think fighting with your siblings as to what to watch on Netflix). Others not so much, and there’s generally not a parent around to settle the dispute or make a decision.

When real world disputes occur, not everyone plays nice and most play to win. It can be an isolating, lonely experience with high stress levels and little light at the end of the tunnel.

Before you can make that decision, it is important to understand the three main stages of a dispute. This enables you to establish where in the dispute timeline you are and what decisions need to be made.

How you deal with the dispute is a choice, and it is generally the most important decision you will make for the entirety of the dispute.

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