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Technically we specialise in commercial litigation and insolvency, whatever that really means, trust lawyers to make even describing what we do overly technical and difficult to understand.

What we really do though is twofold. We fix the complex problems and disputes which you, or your clients, have found themselves in and we deal in risk minimisation, helping you reduce your risk and achieve a commercial outcome.

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Human beings by their very nature are instinctually risk adverse, highly emotional, and intellectually shy away from conflict, unless backed into to a corner when the natural fight or flight instinct kicks in.

This will all be used against you, by your opponents and their lawyers, but here’s where you can let us help you take back control.

You need the right lawyer to join your team who understands what your commercial goals are and will fight to help you achieve that. The focus should be on what you want or need to achieve and not have you spend your hard-earned money if it’s not working toward your ultimate commercial solution within the bounds of law.

We take a highly empathetic approach and translate our legal skills and knowledge into easily understandable advice and options and will work with you to help you understand the risk, navigate the issues and find a solution.

We are ready to join your team! In fact, we’re already likely wearing the jersey and lacing up our boots, we’re that excited to help.

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  • Conveyancing Connection (QLD) Pty Ltd
    As a trusted advisor, it is important for us to know that, when we need to refer a client to another practitioner, they will be treated with respect and their matter will be handled to the same standards we employ and won’t fall through the cracks. Dugald Hamilton and the team at 23LEGAL always look after our clients to a standard that is above and beyond what is required and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.
    Conveyancing Connection (QLD) Pty Ltd
  • Jamie Brauer
    I have used the services of Dugald Hamilton and 23LEGAL several times now. Dugald has always delivered result that exceed my expectations in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. I feel safe and secure knowing I have him in my corner if needed.
    Jamie Brauer
  • Melissa Scott
    Dugald and the team at 23LEGAL have provided consistently high levels of legal advice and assistance on a range of matters for Megaport Ltd, an ASX-200 listed company in the technology sector. I appreciate the commercial aspects of Dugald's advice and the practical nature of his recommendations. As an example, he will often give insights on the chances of success and weighed up against the likely costs, may advise on the real costs vs benefits of pursuing certain options. This in invaluable for my internal decision making and justifying certain spends. 23LEGAL is certainly doing law differently.
    Melissa Scott
    Senior Legal Counsel, Megaport Ltd.

Disputes come in all shapes and forms.

Some are simple (think fighting with your siblings as to what to watch on Netflix). Others not so much, and there’s generally not a parent around to settle the dispute or make a decision.

When real world disputes occur, not everyone plays nice and most play to win. It can be an isolating, lonely experience with high stress levels and little light at the end of the tunnel.

Before you can make that decision, it is important to understand the three main stages of a dispute. This enables you to establish where in the dispute timeline you are and what decisions need to be made.

How you deal with the dispute is a choice, and it is generally the most important decision you will make for the entirety of the dispute.

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